About Chiropodists

What is Chiropody?

Chiropody is the medical specialization of the foot, ankle, and lower leg by therapeutic, orthotic and palliative means. Their goal is to help patients eliminate foot pain, gain mobility, and maintain healthy feet.  In Canada, Chiropodist and Podiatrist are the only regulated Foot Professionals educated exclusively in the assessment and treatment of foot disorders.

Who is a Chiropodist?

Chiropodists must pass written and oral board examinations and must obtain a license from the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.

How do you say, Chiropodist?

This is typically one of the first questions we get. The answer depends where you come from! The UK pronunciation is “Shir-o-po-dist” while the North American pronunciation is “Ker-o-po-dist.

What does a Chiropodist do?

Please see our list of services and conditions treated. This is not an exhaustive list! It contains the most common conditions.

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