Chiropody services are not covered by OHIP, but are covered by most extended health insurance plans (such as Public Service Plan, Liberty Health, Sun Life, Green Shield, Blue Cross, Manulife, etc) and by DVA.

Chiropodists are primary health practitioners; it is not necessary to have a referral unless required by your insurance policy.

Please review your insurance policies prior to attending the clinic.

Assessment (includes initial treatment) $75   –only emergency appointments are currently available. please email your reason for visit to Feet@KimberlyMcDougall.com

Follow-up (regular foot care) $50

Onyfix -email Feet@KimberlyMcDougall.com

ToeFx -email Feet@KimberlyMcDougall.com

Custom Foot Orthotics $475

Custom Foot Orthotics (second pair on the same mold) $375

Children Custom Foot Orthotics  $360

Child outgrowth program for Custom Foot Orthotics -see clinic for sliding scale

Nail Avulsion Surgery for Ingrown Toenails $375

Methods of Payment

  • Consider contactless methods of payment.
    • Tap
    • e-transfer
    • Insurance e-claims. Discuss with Kim to see if you are eligible.
  •  Credit cards not accepted!

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